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File extension V64 is used on files created by Doctor V64, an application used to duplicate and save data from Nintendo 64 game console. It is also associated to the Z64 file extension which is also used by Doctor V64. Files are often recognized as dumped "byteswapped" ROM image considering the process involved. Files utilizing this extension are valid to run on several operating system platforms. These include computers formatted with Mac and Windows, depending on the requirement of the installed application.

Doctor V64 was designed by Bung Enterprises Ltd in 1996 as a low cost alternative for the expensive PC64 Development Kit used for developing games and create backups of Nintendo 64 cartridges.

The success of Doctor V64 led to the release of a more affordable machine in December of 1998, the Doctor V64 Jr. that performs similar functionality. It did not just capture the attention of the developers and software makers, but also mere Nintendo users. Unfortunately, this became a threat to Nintendo that they had to execute necessary measures to stop the manufacturing and selling of the product.

Legal issues were faced by the manufacturer of Doctor V64 as their product started to hit the international market. Instead of using the machine to create backup copies of legitimate Nintendo files, it was used by many developers and enthusiasts to produce pirated copies. Basic modification of the machine including the upgrade to the BIOS enables it to perform more than its intended functionality.

There are several applications that can be used to open V64 files. These applications are commonly addressed as N64 emulators or Nintendo 64 emulators, or simply, software packages that can run programs designed for other systems such as game consoles and several computing machines. Applications such as N64emu, Mupen64, TrueReality, and Sixtyforce are few emulators that can be installed on a Mac system.

On the other hand, applications such as Project64, Nemu64, TR64, TrueReality, Daedalus, and UltraHLE are Windows based emulators that can be used to access V64 files. Some of these applications require the use of high end memory modules to produce better quality output.

How Can I Open V64 File on Windows

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If you downloaded a V64 file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open V64 File on iPhone or iPad

To open V64 File on iOS device follow steps below:

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