File Extension Database

File extension database is a website that is dedicated to describing different file formats and how they relate to file extensions on Microsoft Windows platform. In case you have trouble understanding what this all means and would like to learn more please visit the information section of our website.

This database was put together as an answer to overwhelming demand from millions of users who are confused about what application best to use to open each file. Now that files are exchanged over the internet on a regular basis this problem has become even more severe.

Unlike other similar websites that can be found on the Internet that are filled with robot-generated content that may be useful but can also be hard to interpret, 100% of content EXTENSIONFILE.NET is written by a team of technical writers. These writers although savvy in the ways of computers all write in a language that can be understood by people with little computer knowledge.

Every article provides exact simple steps on how to open each file type. For those interested more there may me more technical details and history related to particular file extension.

Populating this website with information and maintaining it is an ongoing process. We always welcome feedback and questions that can be submitted by visiting Contact Us page. However since there are many users visiting this website and because our team is quite small we may not be able to follow up personally on every request. Thank you for your understanding.

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Please let us know if you any missing file extension or see errors in the file extensions descriptions.