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MAP files can have various applications, especially for video games, as shown below:

Quake Game Map

In the Quake Game, a MAP extension file is used as a game map created by the Quake engines. Quake MAP files are readable since they are based on text and therefore are not compiled, however that does not prevent them from being translated and/or compiled into a binary map file with the BSP extension used in other games, especially those of the Quake series.

The editors used to create and/or edit MAP files are varied, since the fact that it is based on text makes the task easier. However, to compile them, a specific editor such as Valve Hammer Editor or Torque Constructor is necessary.

Other engines like Halo, Fallout, Furcadia Dream, Leges Motus and others also use the MAP extension for their maps.

Image Map

In this particular application, MAP files act as a text file, located on the server side, which defines areas of a web page image by transforming them into links to different locations and/or pages.

In general terms, MAP files, as the extension itself indicates, are maps used by location related software packages, including weather monitoring systems, such as Weather Defender or Navigon, or in most cases, virtual maps for game engines.

To open or operate on a MAP file extension, you must have one of the following programs:

The choice of the program to open MAP file depends on what kind of information is stored in your specific MAP file.

Open MAP File on Windows

Open MAP File on Mac OS

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