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File extension FNT is more likely to be seen on conventional font files used specifically by various Windows operating systems. Recent versions of Windows do not use the same standard for portability and flexibility. Instead, later versions are shipped with the TrueType (.File extension TTF) and OpenType (.File extension OTF) formats replacing the older standard.

FNT files were widely used on operating systems running before Windows XP. Windows 2.0, Windows 3.0, and Windows 95 are known to contain this type of file that office and binary applications can use to provide several font options. A common disadvantage when using FNT files for generating font options is with the printed file. Fonts may not appear similar to what is display on the computer screen when printed.

There are few applications that are still supporting the use of FNT files. This includes the popular disc authoring software, Nero Burning ROM. The application has a single FNT file labeled CDI_TEXT.FNT. This file is stored on Nero's own folder instead of adding it to Windows font folder where most font files are stored. Also, installing an FNT file on the font folders of Windows XP and later versions may not work. This could be the reason why Nero has its own FNT stored on a separate folder. It is also possible to change a FNT file suffix to FON without altering the content in order to conform to newer standards used by newer Windows operating systems.

There are only few tools and applications that can be used to generate FNT files. Aside from the core structure of older Windows operating system, a third party font editor that has the capability of opening and editing font files can be installed on a system. VSoft FontEdit program can be used to edit the content of a font file and change the font's properties when used. Other font management software may also be able to open FNT, but with limited capabilities.

Windows has also released a tool that inclined computer users can use to modify, create, and open FNT files. Thorough understanding of how Windows system works is required when attempting to create or modify FNT files. The Windows 3.x Font Editor, released under Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit 3.0, can be used by computer savvy individuals to experiment with FNT files. Using this application requires an existing FNT file as the base file and a DLL where the new font file will be linked and used by the system. VGASYS.fnt is packed along with the development kit to be used as the base file.

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