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File extension WRF is associated with WebEx webcast recordings. WRF files contain video and audio streams recorded from online webcasts, allowing meetings, conferences and tutorials to be played back at a later time using WebEx Player. The WRF file extension is also used by word processed documents produced in early versions of ThinkFree Write.

WebEx Communications Inc., bought by Cisco in 2007, produces the WebEx suite of applications, which are aimed at businesses providing online support and training. WebEx Meeting Center is designed to recreate seminars, meetings and conferences online, and allows the sharing of data, applications, video and audio. It is possible to record and save these webcasts to refer back to at a later date, or distribute for training or advertising purposes. The packaged video and audio streams are recorded in WRF format which can be played back using WebEx Player.

ThinkFree Write comes bundled as part of their office suite of applications, and is similar to other word processors such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect albeit with fewer features. Word processed WRF documents primarily contain richly formatted text, though may also contain header and footer information, hyperlinks to web resources or other documents, tables, charts, images and vector shapes. Though WRF is the default file format used by ThinkFree Office 2.2 and earlier, it is not widely supported by other applications, so documents which need to be shared are often exported in an alternative, more popular format such as File extension DOC.

WebEx WRF files can only be played using WebEx Player, which is bundled with WebEx Meeting Manager. The WebEx Player application can also be downloaded for free via the company website for Windows and Mac OS X, allowing users without the WebEx suite of applications to watch recorded WRF webcasts. Word processed WRF documents can only be opened using ThinkFree Write 2.2 or below, which can then be used to export to an alternative format if required.

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