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File extension QXD is commonly associated to the files created with QuarkXPress version 5 and its predecessors. The application can be used to create complex layouts for printing and is similar to Adobe's products. It can be installed on multi operating systems platforms such as Mac and Windows. However, there are certain system requirements before the application can be installed in a system.

QuarkXPress is created by Quark, Inc. that owns the product until today. It all started in 1987 when the first version, the QuarkXPress 1 was developed solely for Mac support. Later in 1992, the first Windows compatible QuarkXPress 3.1 application was shipped. QXD was used as the default file extension for files created with QuarkXPress version 5 and lower, but was changed to QXP after the release of version 6.

There are several associated file extensions linking to the application. QXD files are referred to as QuarkXPress documents, File extension QXT is document template, File extension QPT is project template, File extension QDT is dictionary, File extension QXB is for books, File extension XTG is for XPress tags, and File extension QXL is for library. Even with the newer releases, most users continue to adhere to the older applications bearing the standard QXD extension.

Markzware is a very popular application used by thousands of QuarkXPress users to resolve damaged or broken QXD and other files related to QuarkXPress. The version of the required Markzware product is dependent on the version of QuarkXPress used when creating the document. Microsoft Word can also be used to open broken QXD file, specifically those that were created with version 4.1, but some images and formatting might not be available.

Similar to other applications, QuarkXPress is not able to open and save some files created using older versions. There are also versions that automatically saved files with their corresponding supported extensions. As an alternative for applications that need to open older files, it is recommended to look for compatible software instead of trying to open it with the newer application. Renaming a file may damage it and is not recommended.

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If you downloaded a QXD file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

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To open QXD File on iOS device follow steps below:

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