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Files with File Extension JSON store Javascript structured information. The data in JSON files is structured in a way it makes it very easy to read from Javascript and other software languages. In a way JSON is similar to XML files but instead of storing document structure using XML tags, JSON uses name:value pairs for this purpose. If you open JSON file you will see that most of its data consists of pairs of strings delimited by colon. First string in such pair represents name of the data item and second string represents value assigned to this data item.

Besides pairs of keys and assigned values JSON can also store arrays of data. Array represents set of data which is grouped by a certain criterion. For example, you can group city, state, street, house number in one array and call it address. An example of such array in JSON notation would be following.

{ "address" : { "city": "city name", "state": "state name", "street": "street name", "house number": "value"}}

In the example above "address" is an array which consists of 4 elements: city, state, street and house number. So if you have some application which uses JSON files to fill forms it can easily interpret JSON file above to fill all fields for an address part of the form.

If you'd like to view JSON file you can just open them with any text editor. JSON files are not compressed and you can always see and understand what is inside. To open JSON files in an easier to read and view display format you can use some online viewers or development application like XCode or Microsoft Visual Studio.

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Open JSON File on Android

If you downloaded a JSON file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open JSON File on iPhone or iPad

To open JSON File on iOS device follow steps below:

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