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FPT files can take on various formats of a diverse nature as described below.


In this first case, the FPT file contains textual notes about a table in DBF format, which is a proprietary format of the FoxPro database.

About FoxPro

Although still used in some organizations today, FoxPro was a text-based, procedure-oriented programming language as well as a database management system.

FoxPro was originally published by Fox Software and later by Microsoft, for MS-DOS, Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX.

Today it is discontinued.

FileMaker Pro Database

Similar to the previous case, the FPT file is a database helper file created by FileMaker Pro.

More about FileMaker Pro

It is a relational database program, which contains textual information in the form of a "memo", and is used to describe a database with raw text instead of using a standard database field, which is usually limited to a smaller number of characters.

FPT files do not contain the actual database information, ie they only store the memo comments.

Alpha Five

In this section, the FPT file acquires a type of memo file format created by Alpha Five, a desktop, web and mobile application IDE.

Alpha Five is an application development and database management system (DBMS) for Windows, based on the cloud, especially SaaS type.

Today, Alpha Five is known as Alpha Anywhere.

The FPT file contains any memo fields that are created in the DBF file, and because it is linked to a DBF file, any changes made to the DBF file will alter the FPT file.

The FPT file is created by Alpha Five because tables in DBF files have width limitations on the number of characters that can be in a column.

Thus, the memo format in FPT files is not limited, they can be of any alphanumeric length (a data string with numbers and letters).

So Alpha Five creates a ten character field in the DBF file that references the location of the memo in the linked FPT file that contains all the data for that record in the table.

Software to open and work with FPT file

As you saw in this article, FPT files are mainly used by databases, however, their specific use is delimited by each type of database, which means that the acquired format differs a little between each use, therefore you must make sure of it, before trying to open it and work with any of the following software packages:

How Can I Open FPT File on Windows

How Can I Open FPT File on Mac OS

How Can I Open FPT File on Android

If you downloaded a FPT file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open FPT File on iPhone or iPad

To open FPT File on iOS device follow steps below:

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