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A file with the CBZ extension, just like those with the CBR extension, bears the acronym for Comic Book together with the letter R or Z, which basically indicates the compression format of the file.

In other words, the R, for the CBR extension, refers to the RAR compression format, while the Z, for the CBZ, refers to the ZIP format.

These file formats were created specifically to be opened with the CDisplay application.

About CDisplay

CDisplay is a comic book file viewer and sequential image viewer utility developed for Microsoft Windows, used to view images one at a time in a comic book style.

This means that the application itself meets the primary requirements of comics, which are nothing more than a set of images displayed in a certain order.

Therefore, the CBZ extension file is one of the formats in which we find comics to be able to see and read them in a digital environment.

A format that can be decompressed with WinZIP depending on the CBZ extension that contains, therefore, a group of images with all slides or scenes that make up a comic.

In this way, the CBZ file contains images, in this case the pages of a comic, and that must be opened with a program designed to read this type of file and with special functions to improve the comic reading experience on our devices.

Create a CBZ file

If you have a lot of paper comics available that you'd like to keep, you can easily digitize them and save them in the CBZ format.

To do this, you must scan or digitize each of the pages that make up the comic in image format and once this is done, we will have to compress them in ZIP format.

Once this is done, we will have to change the extension to the file that we just created and put it CBZ.

Changing the extension to CBZ

In order to change the extension, we may have to tell Windows to show us unknown file extensions, since it may be hiding it and we cannot change it.

To do this, simply go to the system folder options and indicate that it shows the extensions of unknown file types.

Next, we will be able to change said extension and have our comic in CBZ format.

In general, in Linux, we can already see the extensions of the files, by default, and just by right clicking on the file, the option to rename the file will appear, on which we can change the extension to CBZ.

Software to open a CBZ file

As mentioned above, one of the free programs or applications with which we can open these file formats is CDisplay.

However, CDisplay is not the only one, although it is the oldest.

How Can I Open CBZ File on Windows

How Can I Open CBZ File on Mac OS

How Can I Open CBZ File on Android

If you downloaded a CBZ file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open CBZ File on iPhone or iPad

To open CBZ File on iOS device follow steps below:

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