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File extension BKF is associated to the backup files created by Windows XP from the data of every user on a system. Even though BKF files are designed for Windows operating system, some applications are designed to run under Mac platform and perform restoration of BKF files.

Backup files are essential in cases where the original source is no longer available to provide the needed resources. It can be due to hard disk malfunction or sudden changes with the system causing data to be deleted. A user can create backups of data in different mediums including a different location on the same hard drive, USB's, Floppy drives, CD's and DVD's, or any other storage media.

In Windows XP, each user can choose the type of data that need to be copied. Files may include the entire My Documents folder, Internet Explorer cache, Outlook emails, and several applicable files.

There are no known threats involving BKF files. However, despite the purpose of using BKF as a container for backed up files, issues may arise when restoring the BKF files. This includes the cyclic redundancy check errors which are very common to storage media. Corrupt BKF files may not be able to produce the original content without using restoration software.

Windows XP has a built-in application allowing users to create backup files with *.BKF extension. Windows Backup Utility can be used to create backups. Some systems may require it to be installed separately. It can be accessed either through the RUN box from the Start menu by issuing the "Ntbackup.exe" command or by simply locating the Backup link from the System Tools from the Start menu. Ntbackup.exe can also be used to restore and read *.BKF files.

In cases when errors are encountered during restoring backup files with BKF extension, third party applications can be used to read the sections of the file. Applications such as BKF File Recovery 3.0 and Advanced BKF Repair (ABR) can be used to salvage backup files.

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