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The extension and ART files have a variety of uses, here are some of them:

ArtCAM Model

ART files are a CAD models created by ArtCAM, a program designed for computer numerical control, and used for artistic design and fabrication.

The ART file saves a 2D or 3D model, as well as special cutting and engraving instructions for a machine designed for that purpose.

The ART file is used in the process of designing posters, woodworking, engraving and jewelry.

BERNINA Embroidery

In this application, ART files serve as embroidery design files, created with BERNINA embroidery software.

These files contain a design that can be loaded onto a BERNINA brand machine and embroidered onto a quilt, shirt, or any other piece of fabric.

BERNINA sewing machines include software that can work with ART files, so ART files can be opened and edited with this software.

They can also be opened, viewed and printed with the free BERNINA ArtLink software.

AOL Image

In this use case, ART files are a compressed bitmap image file for AOL, and can be opened and viewed using the AOL File Viewer application.

These ART compressed image files for AOL are also exportable to many different digital file formats supported by many image development and digital publishing applications.

These ART files have advanced digital graphics compression specifications and are often used for compression of bitmap images and vector graphics.

When a bitmap image has the extension ART, then it means that it can only be opened by the AOL File Viewer, which also has the ability to export these files to other more common formats.

ART files are also considered as 'ART Documents', which, similar to AOL, are capable of saving drawings and images, with the exception that these can be of vector type, that is, they save coordinates of vertices and edges, to represent the draw.

Artifacts Artifact File

An application for ART files somewhat different from the previous ones, is the case of Artifacts files, which are a description of the error of the Visual Studio program, or in other words, a file-based error tracker.

ART files are saved as an "artifact" with a unique ID and contain an error description in an XML format.

To work with ART, you must first verify the type of the ART file you are dealing with, and then you can make use of one of the following software packages:

How Can I Open ART File on Windows

How Can I Open ART File on Mac OS

How Can I Open ART File on Android

If you downloaded a ART file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open ART File on iPhone or iPad

To open ART File on iOS device follow steps below:

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