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File extension WDB is the primary suffix used on databases created with Microsoft Works as part of its package. WDB is the counter part of Microsoft's relational database application, Microsoft Access that stores data through fields. WDB and the entire Microsoft Works package are known to run on Windows and Mac OS systems with recommended hardware compatibility. Microsoft Works even runs through the core MS-DOS (without GUI) which of course is already obsolete these days.

The idea behind the development of Microsoft Works was to provide consumers with a low-price alternative of Microsoft Office suite which continues to gain popularity today even with the rising of numerous open source applications. Microsoft Works is similar to Microsoft Office whose main features are also found on Microsoft Works. The suite can run on older systems with slower computing power and where Microsoft Office suite is not suitable.

Microsoft Works was initially designed to contain only few office applications and elements necessary when performing home and office works. Word processor, spreadsheet and databases were the main three applications suited in the package. That solution eventually changed in unison with the demand for advance applications. Newer releases of the package are combined with additional programs including a calendar, address books, dictionary, and several other applications normally found as a separate product from Microsoft.

Using the entire package is simple. Since everything is locked within one main program and the rest are triggered through specific commands, managing and using it is fairly easy even for starters who have yet to introduce themselves a lot to office applications. Keeping track of records or even family expenditures and other basic financial computation and record keeping can be done through Microsoft Works.

There are very few applications that can open WDB files. Among these applications is the native Microsoft Works which contains a different application that opens WDB files. As a limitation to the file extension and the application itself, WDB files are not supported by MS Access. However, a workaround can be done in order to retrieve stored information from a WDB file. Exporting the database as a .DBF from Microsoft Works will allow MS Access to import the same file and access stored data.

Typical WDB application file locations:

  • C:\PROGRA~2\MICROS~1\wksdb.exe "%1"

Frequently associated Windows objects:

  • MSWorks4Database

How Can I Open WDB File on Windows

How Can I Open WDB File on Mac OS

How Can I Open WDB File on Android

If you downloaded a WDB file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open WDB File on iPhone or iPad

To open WDB File on iOS device follow steps below:

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