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TAB file extension is used in various applications and formats, some of them below:


In this section, a TAB extension file contains typing abbreviations referenced by Typinator, a typing shortcut program.

Typinator is an automatic text software that lets you insert phrases and pictures into any type of document, in an easy and fast way.

Typinator allows the computer user to type shortcuts instead of having to type the entire sentence.

It is especially useful for users who have to repeatedly type the same phrases, sentences, and URLs.

It is also used as an autocorrect tool for misspellings, eg 'gonig' becomes 'going'.


In this case, TAB is a GIS-type file saved by MapInfo, a desktop mapping program now owned by Pitney Bowes Software.

MapInfo is a geographic information program used for geolocation and information analytics.

MapInfo allows users to visualize and analyze output data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends.

The TAB file is saved using ASCII text and can contain references to spatial data files used for display, as well as the spatial data itself.

TAB files are commonly used to store geographic maps containing political boundaries, roads, water features, and other topological objects of interest.

Data File

Files with a TAB extension, in this case, are tab-delimited data or text files. This means that they contain tab separated values, similar to CSV files (comma separated).

Generally speaking, it is a quick and easy way to create tabulated data.

Creating a TAB file can be very easy, using Notepad.

This represents a fast and efficient way to store input received from the front-end without the need for a database, ideal for software developers.

However, for large volumes of information they are not suitable, because they can become somewhat difficult to handle, this being a disadvantage.

Guitar Tablatures

In the latter case, the TAB file is a text file that contains the song lyrics and guitar notes for a specific song.

The TAB is normally a standard text file, but it has the extension TAB to indicate that it contains guitar notes, from the word TABlature, hence its acronym.

The most common software for this use is the Myriad Melody Assistant, which is a software for music creation, based on midis.

Software to open and work with a TAB file

Due to the diversity of formats that a file with the TAB extension can acquire, it is necessary to make sure of the type of file, in order to then choose the software package to use.

How Can I Open TAB File on Windows

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How Can I Open TAB File on Android

If you downloaded a TAB file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open TAB File on iPhone or iPad

To open TAB File on iOS device follow steps below:

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