File Extension pst Details and Technical Info

PST file extension is commonly used by Microsoft products to manage Personal folders. These personal folders hold information including contact, email, local messages, calendar, and others. This is used as a reference for these Microsoft applications to acquire accurate data. This is mostly liked to emails setup under POP3 settings where information is linked from the provider. PST files are limited to 2GB.

During the earlier release of Microsoft Outlook '97, personal folders were written in ANSI format. Information for application such as Windows Messaging, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Microsoft Exchange Client are stored on files with this extension.

Outlook using POP3 mail server download email messages from the server and store it locally to a host computer using the default file Outlook.pst. PST files are very important in organizing and backing up email information. A contact list can be created using this extension to be pointed to a different location with it the directory where it will be used as the new placeholder for email information.

One major issue with PST files is security. Many computer viruses and worms are able to penetrate installed security software and are able to open PST files and scan them to gather information, causing some risk of divulging contact list and other relevant information without the owner?s knowledge.

Aside from other Microsoft product, Mozilla Thunderbird is able to support PST files for import facility.

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