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MKV is one of the extensions that Matroska format files can have.

What is Matroska?

Matroska is a project to create a multimedia container format with no limits on the number of video, audio, image, or subtitle tracks in a file.

Matroska Multimedia Container is similar in concept to other containers such as AVI, MP4 or Advanced Systems Format, except that it is an open standard.

MKV is an open source and free software container format, and one of its main characteristics is its enormous versatility.

MKV can contain an unlimited amount of video, audio, or subtitle tracks within a single file.

What does this mean? Well, for example, if you have a movie in this format, within the same file you can have an unlimited number of audio files to watch it in different languages. Multiple video tracks, in the case of a series, would allow multiple chapters to be contained in a single file.

However, you should consider that the more tracks a single file has, the larger it will be and the more disk space it will take up.

Beyond these qualities, as we read on its official website, the Matroska format also includes fast searching within the file, chapter entries, full metadata support, and the ability to be extended using modules.

It also has DVD-style menus.

One of the most notable features of an MKV file is that it can be played over the Internet and local networks, via streaming (HTTP, CIFS, FTP, etc).

The MKV format is one of the most used to play movies in high definition or digitize Blu-rays.

In other words, for comparison, if you download a video, for example, in AVI format, you'll know that it's low resolution, and if it's MKV, you'll be sure that it's high definition.

Instead, its difference from other popular containers like MP4 is that MKV supports more codecs and video and audio formats.

This is especially important as the MP4 format becomes less and less compatible, especially with older players.

MKV's open format container concept means, in other words, that when we want to merge multiple files into one MKV, which would do as a container box, they could have a wider variety of formats.

MKV and Windows 10

If we have Windows 10 we won't have to worry about playing the MKV, since this operating system incorporates compatibility with this type of file natively, so we will be able to see them without problems with the player that it has integrated.

Finally, and although you won't find them that often, it should also be said that Matroska-type files can have various formats, namely:

MKVs are video files, which can include subtitles and audio.

  • On the other hand, there are the MKA only for audio files.
  • The MKS for subtitles.
  • MK3D that are used to play stereoscopic videos, or in 3D.

Software to open and work with an MKV file

This list is very extensive, given the high compatibility of the MKV format, therefore we will only include the most common players:

MKV file details

MKV file extension is exclusively used by MatrosKa Video files. MKV files contain multimedia streams in open-source matroska multimedia container format. The purpose of this format is to allow storage of unlimited number of multimedia streams in a single file. MKV files in particular contain video streams and optional subtitles and audio.

Matroska is the Russian word for "nesting doll". Several dozen such dolls can be nested one into the other much like video streams in the MKV file format. This software project was originally started in 2002 and is still being developed. File extension File extension mka is used to store audio streams in MMC format, while file extension File extension mks is used to store standalone subtitle streams. Matroska multimedia container is not to be confused with file extension File extension MMC which is used by Microsoft Management Console files.

These is a large number of video players that can open MKV files ad support playing video streams from MKV files including but not limited to: "BS.Player", "DivX Player", "HandBrake", "Kaffeine", "MPlayer" and others.

How Can I Open MKV File on Windows

How Can I Open MKV File on Mac OS

How Can I Open MKV File on Android

If you downloaded a MKV file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open MKV File on iPhone or iPad

To open MKV File on iOS device follow steps below:

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