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MKV file extension is exclusively used by MatrosKa Video files. MKV files contain multimedia streams in open-source matroska multimedia container format. The purpose of this format is to allow storage of unlimited number of multimedia streams in a single file. MKV files in particular contain video streams and optional subtitles and audio.

Matroska is the Russian word for "nesting doll". Several dozen such dolls can be nested one into the other much like video streams in the MKV file format. This software project was originally started in 2002 and is still being developed. File extension File extension mka is used to store audio streams in MMC format, while file extension File extension mks is used to store standalone subtitle streams. Matroska multimedia container is not to be confused with file extension File extension MMC which is used by Microsoft Management Console files.

These is a large number of video players that can open MKV files ad support playing video streams from MKV files including but not limited to: "BS.Player", "DivX Player", "HandBrake", "Kaffeine", "MPlayer" and others.

Open MKV File on Windows

Open MKV File on Mac OS

Open MKV File on Android

If you downloaded a MKV file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open MKV File on iPhone or iPad

To open MKV File on iOS device follow steps below:

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