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INS files have a wide variety of applications, involving different formats, namely:

LaTeX Installer

In this first application, an INS extension file is an installation script used by LaTeX typesetting software.

Basically, LaTeX is a complete typesetting distribution that behaves like a programming language.

INS files are usually packed together with a DTX file extension in a ZIP archive.

To run an INS file, first extract the files from the ZIP archive using a ZIP decompression utility, and then open the INS file in a LaTeX application.


In this section, an INS file is an INStrument (allusive to its acronym) packaged as a format used to store samples of instruments used by Ensoniq synthesizers and sound cards.

Internet Naming Service

In this use, allusive to its acronym, the INS file is a locator of IP addresses and the names of computers on the Internet, which is often called "name resolution", for the Internet Naming Service.

The INS file translates the IP address into a name that is stored by the said Windows service and, in this case, is not intended to be manually opened or altered.

Internet Settings

Here, the INS file is a file used by Windows to configure dial-up and broadband Internet connections.

The INS file contains connection setup information that allows Windows to configure Internet access with an ISP when it is opened.

Also, INS is often used to configure LAN connection settings.

System administrators and ISPs sometimes provide IE connection configuration files to users with a URL to the INS file.

However, as a security precaution, web page links to INS files are blocked by Internet Explorer so that arbitrary scripts cannot be executed on the local computer from a web link.

Sample Cell II

In this use, and similar to Ensoniq, an INS file contains an instrument definition and references to external audio files used by the instrument.

INS file is used by Mac and Windows platforms, however, they are incompatible with each other, that is, INS for Windows does not work on Mac and vice versa.

It is important to know that the INS file does not contain actual audio data, therefore it is not a Multimedia file.

Inspiration File

In this section, the INS file is a data file created by Inspiration, a visual thinking and learning program commonly used for educational purposes.

The INS is sometimes called a 'mind map' file, as it can contain concept maps, networks, and idea maps.

AGT Game

In this last application, the INS file is an instruction file used by AGiliTY, an interpreter for Adventure Game Toolkit (AGT).

The INS contains instructions on how to play the AGT game it is packaged with, however it does not need to be included with the AGT game.

An AGT game is played by typing commands to navigate through a story. It is similar to a "choose your own adventure" book.

Software to open an INS file

Due to the great diversity of formats related to INS files, it is necessary that you be clear about the type of format you have in your hands, and then have one of the following software packages:

How Can I Open INS File on Windows

How Can I Open INS File on Mac OS

How Can I Open INS File on Android

If you downloaded a INS file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open INS File on iPhone or iPad

To open INS File on iOS device follow steps below:

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