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Files with the DMP extension are core dump files, and thus are associated with Microsoft Windows-based operating systems.

The DMP file records information about errors or bugs that can cause your computer to suddenly stop working, freeze, or slow down.

Starting with Windows 2000 and later, a DMP file is created every time the computer fails.

DMP files are stored in a special folder on your hard drive, which is usually hidden for security reasons.

DMP files are not cumulative like logs, therefore each DMP file has a different unique name so it is never overwritten.

If there are multiple DMP files created on the same day, each file includes a serial number in its name, indicating the order of their creation.

What does a DMP file contain?

DMP files store different types of data about the errors you find. They store a list of the drivers loaded on the computer, the context in which the computer's processor stopped working, as well as the description of the process that stopped the computer.

For debugging, the file also contains the stack of kernel mode calls associated with the stop.

Can DMP files be created?

Yes, this could be helpful in troubleshooting systems. To generate a DMP file, press the 'Ctrl' key on your keyboard while pressing the 'Scroll Lock' key twice.

You will see an error screen titled 'Stop' and a message stating that it has induced a 'crashdump'. You can then open the DMP file in a Windows debugger tool to fix the problem.

Open DMP File on Windows

Open DMP File on Mac OS

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