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DBX file extension is most commonly associated with a Microsoft Outlook Express E-Mail folder. The DBX file extension is also used by tables stored within Microsoft Visual FoxPro databases. Though not as common, the DBX file extension is also used by several applications as a generic database index file.

E-Mails are usually stored within a series of folders by a mail client. Typical folders include the Inbox, which is where E-Mails to the user reside, a Sent Items folder, where a copy of E-Mails sent by the user are kept, and Junk E-Mail, which is where items flagged as spam by an anti virus application or the mail client itself are stored. There may also be a Deleted Items folder where E-Mail marked for deletion is stored, as well as user-defined folders which are often used to categories E-Mail. Microsoft Outlook Express stores each of these folders and all mail within them in individual DBX files. To create a backup, the DBX files can simply be copied to an alternate location, and in the event of data loss or corruption of the original, can simply be restored to the original location or imported using a compatible E-Mail client.

DBX files may also relate to Microsoft FoxPro database tables. DBX files of this type are used to define field names, data types and validation.

DBX files which store E-Mail folder data can be opened using Microsoft Outlook Express 5 or above, or imported into a compatible E-Mail client such as Microsoft Outlook. Alternatively, the contents of a DBX file can be extracted using an application such as DBXtract, which may also allow the recovery of E-Mail in the event of corruption. You can only open DBX files produced by FoxPro in an appropriate version of the software. YOu should not open DBX files using a text editor as they do not contain human-readable information, and any changes made could result in corruption and render them unusable.

Frequently associated Windows objects:

  • DWGTrueViewDatabaseExtensionFile

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