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A DB-JOURNAL file is a temporary file that functions as a rollback journal for an SQLite-type database and is created by database administration systems as a means of security, during a transaction between an application and said database.

DB-JOURNAL files are used to restore a database in case the application crashes, hangs or there is a communication break when executing a transaction.

DB-JOURNAL files enable the feature of logging all changes to a database that can be made in a transaction.

As mentioned above, DB-JOURNAL files are temporary and should only exist when a running transaction occurs in a SQLite database then it is automatically deleted once the transaction is complete.

The file is in the same directory as the original database file, bearing the same name as the associated DB file, except that it includes the '-JOURNAL' appendix.

For example, a file named basedepot.db is accompanied by a temporary basedepot.db-journal during the transaction.

DB-JOURNAL files are not designed to be opened manually, in fact their existence is so short-lived that most users should never see such a file, however, to operate a DB-JOURNAL file, you must have installed any of the following softwares: SQLite

How Can I Open DB-JOURNAL File on Windows

How Can I Open DB-JOURNAL File on Mac OS

How Can I Open DB-JOURNAL File on Android

If you downloaded a DB-JOURNAL file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open DB-JOURNAL File on iPhone or iPad

To open DB-JOURNAL File on iOS device follow steps below:

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