File Extension application-json Details and Technical Info

File extension application/json is used to store javascript structured information which is sometimes refered as JavaScript Object Notation. This way of storing data is very popular and is used in many software and internet applications. JSON is language independent. It originated from Javascript but significant number of software languages now supports JSON.

There are two standards which define JSON file format: RFC 7159 and ECMA-404.

If you need to open file with file extension JSON or file extension application/json all you need to do is to open it with Notepad. To do move mouse cursor over json file in Windows Explorer and press right mouse button. In a popup menu select " Open with" . In a dialog which will appear you will need to choose Notepad. This will open JSON file in text mode which will allow you to view information stored in it. You can also modify and save JSON file from Notepad. Just make sure that you use the same encoding which was used to create JSON file. Alternatively you can copy JSON file content to a web service which displays it in structured and colored way. There are multiple web services which allow you to do it.

Below is an example of JSON file:

"firstName": "John",{
"lastName": "Smith",{
"isAlive": true, {
"age": 25, {
"address": {{
"streetAddress": "21 2nd Street",{
"city": "New York",{
"state": "NY",{
"postalCode": "10021-3100"{
"phoneNumbers": [{
"type": "home",{
"number": "212 555-1234"{
"type": "office",
"number": "646 555-4567"
"type": "mobile",
"number": "123 456-7890"
"children": [],
"spouse": null

The MIME type for JSON file extension is Application/JSON. There are also alternative MIME types which are still used for JSON which are text/json and text/javascript.

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