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The YAML format whose initials stand for YAML Ain't Markup Language, is a human-readable format used for data serialization and is used to read and write data independently of a specific programming language.

YAML was proposed and designed by Clark Evans together with Ingy dot Net and Oren Ben-Kiki in 2001.

At first, during its development, YAML stood for Yet Another Markup Language, to distinguish its purpose centered on data rather than document markup.

However, XML is often used to serialize data, in fact XML is a document markup language, therefore YAML is also used as a lightweight markup language.

The main advantage of using YAML is the readability and the writing capacity, apart from the fact that it supports various types of data such as cases, matrices, dictionaries, lists and scalars, and as if that were not enough, it has good support for the most popular languages ??such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, etc.

As a small sample of the formatting of a YAML file, it can be mentioned that it only supports spaces, and is case sensitive and space, and additionally, tabs are not universally accepted.

To work with YAML files, you can use one of the following programs:

How Can I Open YAML File on Windows

How Can I Open YAML File on Mac OS

How Can I Open YAML File on Android

If you downloaded a YAML file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open YAML File on iPhone or iPad

To open YAML File on iOS device follow steps below:

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