File Extension wpd Details and Technical Info

WPD file extension is most commonly associated with a word processed document produced in Corel WordPerfect or, occasionally, a word processed document produced in version 2.0 or earlier of ACT! Contact Management Software. The WPD file extension may also refer to a Windows printer driver, or an audio file produced by sound processing software SAW Studio, which contains information about the intensity and frequency of a signal contained in an associated WAV file.

The vast majority of WPD files are word processed documents, and primarily contain formatted text. WPD files produced in Corel WordPerfect are also capable of storing embedded objects such as images, tables and graphs produced in other applications. WPD files contain streams of text, and store formatting information using tags which can be shown as reveal codes in Corel WordPerfect. These identify how each section of text or object is formatted at a glance, and can be useful when diagnosing layout or formatting issues. Like similar file formats such as DOC, WPD files can also contain mail merge fields, which allow information from an external data source, such as a spreadsheet or database, to be inputted into a template.

Though other formats such as Microsoft Word's File extension DOC format are used more frequently to transfer word processed documents which need to be editable, WPD files are supported by the majority of word processing software. You open WPD files with Word processed information using Corel WordPerfect, though it is also possible to open and convert them to alternative formats using other word processing software such as Microsoft Word and OpenOffice Writer. However it is possible that not all formatting features will be retained. As of Corel WordPerfect

Though WPD files produced in ACT! are word processed documents, they are a different, proprietary format which can only be opened using Sage ACT!. You can open WPD files which contain audio information with SAW Studio and the appropriate accompanying File extension WAV file.

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