File Extension widget Details and Technical Info

WIDGET file extension is used by Yahoo! widgets. Widgets are small applications that can be placed on computer desktop. Usually these applications solve some simple tasks like displaying the number of unread emails in your inbox, current weather forecast, stock prices, etc.

You can open WIDGET file using small applications associated with Yahoo! Widgets. This file extension is only available for operating systems Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. There are almost 4000 small programs available with this extension.

Yahoo! Widgets was formerly called Konfabulator until acquired by Yahoo on July 25, 2005. Applications include calendars, clocks, maps, mail checker, and others. Konfabulator is equipped with a reliable Application Programming Interface (API) created in JavaScript that developers can use. The widgets are running under JavaScript runtime environment combined with an XML interpreter.

Newer versions including Yahoo! Widget Engine 4.0 are shipped with a special feature called the ?Dock? which contains icon of widgets running. Along with this release is the capability of accessing OS specific commands for supported platforms. These include shell commands for Windows and AppleScript for Mac.

Applications running on this extension are prone to spyware. Several reports have been received that most applications are infected with spywares. An indication would be the disappearance of the Widgets icon from the system tray.

In addition to the existing number of supported applications, newly release of Konfabulator supports for WebKit and Flash. This allows a developer to create widgets using HTML and Javascript.

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