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VIDEO is not a file extension as such, rather it is a type of multimedia file cataloged as a coherent sequence of images, which give the sensation of movement, taking advantage of the principle of ocular "memory".

The first instrument designed to record sequences and be able to reproduce them later, was called the video recorder, and it stored the files that were previously recorded on a magnetic tape.

The video recorder was born from the need to record the night time news in the United States, since it was too early on the west coast to transmit it at the same time as the east coast, so the method used was to record the broadcast in 35 mm format. , and then it was reproduced through the Telecine.

With the advent of video, television programs were no longer broadcast live so frequently, most were recorded, edited, and broadcast at the scheduled time.

Most of today's television programs are pre-recorded and the technology even allows a cable television user to record the television and view it later.

As stated above, VIDEO is not a file extension, however, there are many different extensions and formats, as well as standards and protocols, for recording video footage.

To just name a few, we have:

  1. MP4
  2. AVI
  3. MKV
  4. MPG
  5. MOV

In practical terms, the word 'VIDEO' is related to video clips, these being a type of video especially aimed at the musical area and, normally, they do not last more than 7 minutes.

Like 'vlogs', a term applied to small productions made by ordinary people who seek to touch on issues of social, economic, political, cultural or daily importance.

One of the great commercial machines that gives consumers free and fast access to videos is YouTube, an online company that was born in 2005 and changed the way videos were viewed.

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