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Basically, a TEMP file is created by some software packages in order to contain information temporarily during the time that we are creating a standard file, and after we close the program that we were using, automatically the temporary file should be erased

It is important to keep in mind that TEMP files are used with the aim of recovering data that may be lost in the event that the program or the PC stops abnormally and unexpectedly, that is, if, for example, we hangs an application or the operating system.

Although we mentioned that these files must be deleted when the program that created them is closed, the truth is that sometimes the system may not perform this task, so we should resort to manually deleting these files, since they can slow down the performance of the PC.


For Microsoft, most of the programs developed by this company use TEMP files for the function described above.

For example Word temporary files are created in a Windows temporary folder.

However, this folder may contain other files that are not of the TEMP type, which is why it is essential that we take the necessary precautions to delete them manually, since we could inadvertently be deleting a file from the system, and with this our computer stops working properly.


In Linux, just like in Windows, there are temporary system files. These files are stored in the following folders:

  • /tmp
  • /var/tmp

They are the most common folders to house TEMP files, however, there are others, which are sometimes created by some particular software.


Cache and TEMP files can include everything from your web browser cache and history, including cookies and passwords, message cache folders, partially completed downloads, temporary application files and folders, and much more, taking up space on your computer. Mac.

In all cases, it is recommended to periodically clean the TEMP files and the cache to avoid possible system slowdowns and possible instability events.

TEMP files can only be opened by the software that created them, in most cases there is no need to open them manually, therefore this action is not recommended for users.

How Can I Open TEMP File on Windows

How Can I Open TEMP File on Mac OS

How Can I Open TEMP File on Android

If you downloaded a TEMP file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open TEMP File on iPhone or iPad

To open TEMP File on iOS device follow steps below:

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