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SMP extension files can have various formats for different applications, some of them namely


In this particular case, an SMP file is a data file created by SmilePlant, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that helps plant managers with monitoring, management, and maintenance.

SmilePlant is a software developed by SmilePlant!, an Italian software company, that optimize maintenance procedures, ISO certifications, facility management and SCADA plant supervision.

The SMP file stores information about plant equipment, employees, and production and storage areas.

SMP files are saved as one of a set of files in the SmilePlant project folder.

Smart Music

In this second section, the SMP file is a music file used by SmartMusic, a music practice application for band, orchestra and voice.

As said above, SmartMusic is a music teaching-learning software.

The SMP file saves an accompaniment that can be used to practice solos and other musical parts.

The SMP file includes the score information and can be used for evaluation.

SMP files can be exported from Finale music notation software.


The SMP file is a color palette file created by IDRISI Taiga, an application used for GIS imaging.

IDRISI Taiga is an integrated GIS and image processing software solution that provides modules for the analysis and visualization of digital spatial information.

The SMP file stores the color information of a raster image stored in an RST file.

The SMP acts as a legend for the colors displayed when the image is displayed.


In this case, the SMP file acquires a 16-bit audio format that supports loop points.

It is originally used by Turtle Beach SampleVision in the mid-1990s.

Turtle Beach's SampleVision was one of the first audio sample editing programs for the PC, becoming a standard due to the lack of competition.


In this case, the SMP file is an Image used by Xionics Document Technologies software.

More about Xionics

Xionics develops digital page rendering software for the office market, enabling users to print, scan, copy, process and transmit documents to computer peripherals.

Xionics supplies industry leading OEMs including Hewlett-Packard, IBM, QMS, Ricoh, Samsung,

The SMP stores a 1-bit monochrome (black and white) raster graphic.

The SMP can be viewed and converted with some programs although the file format is rare and rarely used.


An SMP file is a gallery file created by Corel PhotoImpact.

Corel PhotoImpact, is a program used to edit photos and digital art.

The SMP file contains a gallery, which can include images, objects, image enhancements, or text/animation effects.

SMP files also include gallery properties, such as the number of tab groups, the number of thumbnails, and the file size.

The SMP file is created by selecting Create in the "EasyPalette" Gallery Manager, naming the file, choosing the save location, and clicking OK.

You can also create an SMP file by selecting Export.

Software to open and work with a SMP file

Due to the great diversity of formats that can be associated with an SMP extension file, it is necessary to make sure of the type of format you have at hand, and then choose one of the software packages listed below:

Open SMP File on Windows

Open SMP File on Mac OS

Open SMP File on Android

If you downloaded a SMP file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open SMP File on iPhone or iPad

To open SMP File on iOS device follow steps below:

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