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The RFC 822 file standard, which stands for 'Request for Comments', describes and develops a format related to e-mail messages, and together with the standard that describes the protocol called RFC 821, they follow the mail exchange in a robust, reliable and efficient way, thus defining the SMTP protocol.

The RFC 822 file standard establishes that each message is divided into two fundamental parts:

  • Envelope: which contains all the information necessary for the message to be transmitted and delivered to the recipient, such as message format, writing point, binary header, etc.
  • Content: which is the information that must be delivered to the recipient, consisting mainly of lines of text. However, a special filter can be used for inserting images and other multimedia.

The RFC822 file standard is directly related to the EML file extension that contains the body of the message, along with the subject, sender, recipient, and date of the message.

It should be noted that the RFC822 standard has the latest revision, the one issued in August 1982, and since then it has been used by most email software packages, both at the server level and at the client level.

In conclusion, RFC822 is not a file, but a standard that defines a protocol that in turn establishes the basis for building a type of file, specifically EML.

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