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The OOS file extension is associated with Apache OpenOffice (, a suite of office applications (word processor, spreadsheet editor) and others, compatible for various platforms and operating systems.

More About OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is an open source office software package, which, like Microsoft Office, includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing tools, and a database.

It supports numerous file formats, however the default format (and extension) is the standard ISO/IEC OpenDocument Format (ODF).

OpenOffice supports other common formats, and focuses on maintaining compatibility with the OpenOffice XML standard, Microsoft's format, as well as supporting more than 110 languages.

Apache OpenOffice is one of the successors of the project, however, some experts consider it a derivative of it, and integrates features of other office suites such as IBM Lotus Symphony.

The OOS file contains a spreadsheet from some earlier versions of Apache OpenOffice.

A spreadsheet is a type of office document that allows manipulating numerical and alphanumeric data, from the mathematical, statistical, algebraic and even graphical point of view, arranged in the form of tables composed of cells, which are usually organized in a matrix of rows and columns.

In the same cell it is possible to carry out basic operations such as sum, subtraction and multiplication as if it were an electronic calculator, entering the numerical values accompanied by the necessary arithmetic operators.

However, in any spreadsheet, it is also possible to perform complex calculations with formulas and/or functions and draw different types of graphs.

Although OOS files are not obsolete, they have been falling out of use, due to the presence of more powerful formats, such as ODS and XLSX.

Software to open and work with an OOS file

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