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A NOMEDIA file is a file type created specifically for the Android operating system, due to its particular file system, which indicates that a specific folder contains media files that should not be scanned.

Media players and other applications of this type will not scan or index the folder where a nomedia file is located.

These files also do not have a name before the extension, they just appear as .nomedia.

Privacy & Security

Because these types of files basically hide the multimedia files in the folder where they are located, placing a NOMEDIA inside the folders that you do not want some casual user of your mobile to see, can be a good option.

In this way, you will be preventing, for example, the photo or gallery application from showing any image or video that you do not want it to see.

Avoid Advertising

Another utility for this type of file is to be placed inside the folders for advertising free applications.

This prevents applications such as the gallery or the video player from reading these files.

Mobile Optimization

Since these files are not indexed, they can increase the performance of the mobile, because they tell the applications which folders should be taken into account at indexing time and which ones should not.

To optimize the opening of applications, another use that you can give to this type of file is to place a NOMEDIA file in the folders that contain a large number of multimedia documents.

This will prevent opening some applications from performing a full scan of some folders unnecessarily.

Create and delete a NOMEDIA file

Since NOMEDIA files have no content, you can create and delete NOMEDIA files directly from your phone or tablet using a dedicated app.

They are actually empty text files that were originally created for Windows File Explorer.

Although creating or deleting a file with a NOMEDIA extension and no name is something we can do manually, the truth is that there is an app for Android devices that makes this task much easier.

A NOMEDIA file can be deleted without any danger.

A tool that has been specially designed for the creation of this type of files and that also bears his name.

About NOMEDIA (App)

The app is called Nomedia and we can download it from the Play Store.

An application that is highly valued among Android users, who use this type of file to hide personal photos and videos from their mobile phone's gallery.

Regardless of the medium you use to create the NOMEDIA file, after creating it, place the file in the folder of your choice.

Software to create a NOMEDIA file

How Can I Open NOMEDIA File on Windows

How Can I Open NOMEDIA File on Mac OS

How Can I Open NOMEDIA File on Android

If you downloaded a NOMEDIA file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open NOMEDIA File on iPhone or iPad

To open NOMEDIA File on iOS device follow steps below:

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