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File extension NCO is commonly used on compressed files created through one of Nero's authoring application. The Nero BackItup application can create backup copies of files on a system essential for accidental lost and unavailability of the original file. Created backups are appended with the NCO and are compressed with a 56-bit key. Nero applications are designed to run on cross-platforms including Linux and Windows.

Nero AG, the manufacturer of Nero software suite, created Nero BackItup application as part of its package included in the Nero 9 version and several other previous versions of the software suite. The latest Nero BackItup 4 is designed to cater NTFS write support that previous versions are limited to perform and provide enhanced applications including a wider support on Windows Vista.

After performing the backup process files can be stored on storage media other than the source. Files can be stored on supported storage media such as CD's and DVD's, Flash Drives, FireWire, eSATA devices, and memory cards. Files can be protected with passwords to prevent unauthorized access.

Losing important data can be eliminated to regular backup activities. However, most computer users do not have the time to perform this task. Nero BackItup can perform the task automatically by setting a scheduled backup process. Since it uses standard compression that are commonly used by other compression application, it can be easily converted in to other forms such as File extension ZIP by simply renaming the file and can be decompressed using known applications such as WinZip.

On Windows platform, the application can be installed on several operating systems including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Home Server, and Windows 2003 Server. The application can also be downloaded separately from the manufacturer's website. NCO files can be restored to its original source by using the Restore Wizard command which is included with the application.

How Can I Open NCO File on Windows

How Can I Open NCO File on Mac OS

How Can I Open NCO File on Android

If you downloaded a NCO file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open NCO File on iPhone or iPad

To open NCO File on iOS device follow steps below:

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