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The MOD extension files have various uses, namely:

Atari and Amiga sounds

The MOD file format and extension was designed to be played on computers such as the Amiga and Atari ST without additional processing, and its main purpose was for incidental music in games and programs on those platforms.

This MOD format emerged in the mid-80's designed for tracker-type sequencers.

As technical details, the tracks are stored in 8-bit PCM format without packing, ready to be played on Amiga digital analog converters, requiring little CPU resources ideal for devices of the time.

At present, or more recently, with the introduction of the most modern sound cards, that is, with a higher quantity of bits, the MOD format is still used in video games and demos, especially in environments with limited resources.

Another advantage of the MOD format is the inclusion in its header of digital samples, these being the sound of the different instruments that make up the music.

The MOD file also contains information on when and what instruments to play for sound reproduction, that is, the impact on the application in which it is being played.

As a primary characteristic, due to its low sampling rate, the MOD format is small in size, which is why it was widely used for video game music, which were distributed on 700Kb floppy disks, with a single floppy disk containing a collection of various musical themes.

The MOD format became obsolete with the introduction of the CD in the video game world, since storage space did not represent a fundamental problem in video game development.

JVC digital video cameras

The MOD extension files in this application are used to record digital videos on Panasonic and JVC brand cameras that do not have tape.

MOD video data is recorded on an internal disc or on an SD card inserted in the camera.

This MOD format is similar to the MPEG2, XDCAM EX, HDV and AVCHD types, since it complies with the standards of these formats, however, MOD is still used in certain digital video recording equipment.

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