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The LQM file extension is mainly known for its use for memo files saved in the QuickMemo application on LG smartphones that use the Optimus UI for Android (also known as LG UX) interface, such as G2, G3, G4, G5, G6 , G Flex, G Flex2, L family, Optimus family, etc.

QuickMemo is an application that allows you to capture your ideas and that they do not remain in the air. One of the most notable features is that LQM notes can be shared instantly or saved for whenever you want to see them.

Even going beyond your team, and to be even more connected with your social networks, you can share your annotations through a tweet or through Facebook.

To launch QuickMemo on LG phone press both volume buttons at the same time to access the application and make the notes you want on the image you have on your cell phone. You can save your note or share it on your social networks.

QuickMemo is not officially available to download for Android devices from other producers. A typical LQM file represents a memo saved in QuickMemo and is essentially a ZIP file, containing the following:

  • memoinfo.jlqm file that appears to be a JSON formatted text file containing the actual note.
  • metadata.mtd file containing additional metadata audios, videos, image folders containing attachments
  • Drawings folder containing screenshots.

Another use for the LQM extension is for Liquid Audio Master Data. Liquid Audio is a sophisticated music distribution system based on Dolby Digital and MPEG AAC. As is well known, to open and operate files with these extensions, it is necessary to have the appropriate application installed, either QuickMemo or Liquid Audio Master.

If you have problem opening LQM file it could be caused by one of the following:

  • The LQM file is corrupted.
  • The LQM file is incorrectly linked in the registry entries.
  • The LQM file extension has been accidentally removed from the Windows registry.
  • The installation of an application that supports the LQM file format is incomplete.

Open LQM File on Windows

Open LQM File on Mac OS

Open LQM File on Android

If you downloaded a LQM file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open LQM File on iPhone or iPad

To open LQM File on iOS device follow steps below:

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