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The LCB file extension has three different applications, namely:

Living Cookbook

In this section, the LCB extension is directly related to Living Cookbook, a program designed for cooking recipes and developed by Radium Technologies.

In this use case, the LCB file serves as a backup file for the documents generated by the Living Cookbook program, which is why the acronym Living Cookbook Backup.

It is important to note that Radium Technologies no longer supports the Living Cookbook package, therefore it is considered obsolete.

Kodak EasyShare

In this application, the LCB file is a list of Kodak EasyShare albums.

Kodak EasyShare software as a sub-brand of Eastman Kodak Company is related to consumer photography system of digital cameras, all-in-one inkjet printers, accessories, online print services, among others.

The LCB file is used to transfer and catalog images of EasyShare camera models and can also be used with existing images, either in proprietary format or in more popular formats such as GIF, PNG, JPG or TIFF and, eventually, with digital cameras.

This makes the use of the LCB format very versatile for this purpose.

It is important to note that the EasyShare software is no longer supported by the Kodak brand, instead EasyShare is known as a hardware brand, which already have their own software or firmware included.

Concept2 LogCard

In this application, the LCB file functions as the backup image for the Concept2 LogCard utility.

LogCard is a utility to track training, through a data capture of your training directly from the PM3 or PM4 hardware equipment.

By inserting the LogCard card in the monitor before your training, it is enough for the monitor to store the data of your training in the LogCard and later in the LCB file which is a backup file, that is why the acronyms that come from LogCard Backup.

Software to open an LCB file

Due to the diversity between formats related to the LCB extension, you must first make sure of the type of format, and then have one of the following software packages:

How to Open LCB File on Windows

How to Open LCB File on Mac OS

How to Open LCB File on Android

If you downloaded a LCB file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open LCB File on iPhone or iPad

To open LCB File on iOS device follow steps below:

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