File Extension gadget Details and Technical Info

GADGET file extension refers to a sidebar widget which can be installed on Microsoft Windows Vista. GADGET files can contain a variety of add-ons such as applications, utilities and games which can be added to the desktop sidebar on machines running Windows Vista. These features are deployed using web pages which define the user interface and back-end scripts which provide functionality.

When Microsoft released Windows Vista, a new feature on the desktop was the sidebar, which could be used to dock useful interactive items such as a clock, search toolbars and calendars. These features can be moved around, added or removed in order to customize the desktop. GADGET files are packages which can be downloaded from the Windows Live website and installed to add more features to the sidebar. GADGET files can contain a wide variety of add-ons including clocks, calendars, slideshows, games, system utilities and RSS news feeds, and are installed by double clicking on the file. The add-on will then be docked to the sidebar, and can be moved or removed like any other sidebar item.

Though GADGET files are intended to add useful or novel features to the desktop, they can cause problems. Poorly written or overly complex sidebar add-ons can degrade system performance, and as many are contributed by other users, there are no guarantees as to whether or not they will function as expected. Many GADGET files also contain RSS news feed applications so require a permanent Internet connection and can be problematic if the expected data source cannot be found.

GADGET files are File extension Zip compressed archives which typically contain the source code of the sidebar gadget and any required resources such as images or external scripts. You can open GADGET files on a Windows Vista machine by double clicking the file. Alternatively, the contents can be viewed by changing the file extension to ZIP, then opening it either in Windows or using any archiving software with ZIP support.

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