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File extension FLA is most commonly used to refer to an Adobe Flash movie authoring file. FLA files are an editable, uncompressed version of a Flash animation, movie or application, and contain all embedded source media. Though less common, FLA files may also be music files encoded using the Free Lossless Audio Codec, an open-source lossless compressed audio format. The full, much more common extension is FLAC, though some legacy operating systems which cannot use four-letter file extensions abbreviate it to FLA.

Flash FLA files are editable animations or applications which are produced using Adobe Flash (Formerly Macromedia Flash). FLA files contain any source media which is used in the project, including audio files, video clips and images, and as they are uncompressed, can have large file sizes depending on the format of embedded media. Timeline information is also included by means of frames, which can be used to add timing or alter sequencing of an animation or video. FLA files may also contain ActionScript, which can be used to provide interactivity, such as in Flash-based websites or applications. FLA files are typically only used in a development environment, and are usually saved in compressed File extension SWF or File extension FLV format for delivery on the web.

FLA is a closed file format in that its details are not available for third-party software developers, and as such can only be opened and edited using Adobe Flash. It may also be possible to open an FLA file using a previous version of either Adobe or Macromedia Flash depending on which application and version was used to create it. Though FLA audio files are rare, they can be opened using FLAC Frontend or most other media playing software with the appropriate codec pack installed. If an FLA file is a File extension FLAC audio file, renaming the extension to the latter may associate the file with the correct application.

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