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BOX extension files usually have various formats and applications, some of which you will see below:

Generic Email Software

As its name implies, in this case, the BOX file is a mailbox format used by various email programs.

But what do they mean when they say 'Mail Program'?

With an email program, also known as an email client, the user of an email address accesses his mailbox to read his received and sent emails and to write new ones.

Email address providers offer their own email programs, such as Webmail, but you can also use other email programs, such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail.

You can configure them for any provider's mail inboxes and also manage them simultaneously using a single program.

In this case, the BOX file extension stores collections of email messages that can be opened individually; replaced by the MBOX and DBX extension files in newer email programs.

Microsoft Store

In this second case, the BOX file is a compressed file downloaded from the Microsoft Store online, usually when upgrading the version of Windows to Windows 7.

This BOX file must be downloaded in conjunction with an EXE executable file which, when opened, unpacks the data in the BOX file and installs Windows.

More about Windows 7

This is the Operating System that Microsoft company released after Windows Vista in 2006.

An Operating System allows your computer to manage programs and perform basic tasks and its Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows you to interact visually with the functions of the equipment in a logical, fun and easy way.

It is important to note that BOX files are not designed to be opened manually.

Instead, they contain data that the associated EXE file can unpack and use in the installation process.

If you did not download an EXE file with the BOX file, you must contact store support to download the remaining files.


In this third case, the BOX file acquires a video format used by Kodicom CCTV recorders.

Kodicom is a manufacturer of hardware equipment and software systems for video surveillance.

In this case, the BOX file is a video file, therefore it is considered as multimedia, however it is not an open format, therefore it cannot be executed in any conventional program.

CARA Loudspeaker

In the latter case, the BOX file is a file containing information for a custom speaker, used by the CARA (Computer Aided Room Acoustics) software.

CARA is a suite of advanced programs to calculate and optimize the acoustics of a given room.

CARA automatically optimizes the positioning of your speakers and listening location, improving sound coloration, stereo sound localization, and speech intelligibility.

CARA is based on the sound source image generation method in combination with a reverse tracking procedure.

For this case, the BOX file includes the make, model, and technical specifications of the speaker, and also simulates the audio characteristics of an amplifier or speaker using the CALE speaker simulation program.

Software to open and work with a BOX file

Since the BOX file has a variety of formats, it is necessary to check the source of the file to be sure of the application to use to work with it, since using the wrong software package can cause file corruption:

How Can I Open BOX File on Windows

How Can I Open BOX File on Mac OS

How Can I Open BOX File on Android

If you downloaded a BOX file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open BOX File on iPhone or iPad

To open BOX File on iOS device follow steps below:

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