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File extension BIK is mostly associated to the RAD Game Tools' proprietary video file format, Bink. BIK files can be opened on platforms Mac and Windows including several game consoles manufactured by other companies. The file format has been used in thousands of video games distributed in the market. Bink Video contains its own distinct video and audio codec.

A BIK file can contain video and audio files embedded to form a single entity. Game consoles like Sony PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, Playstation 3, and several other consoles used today are among those that benefit from Bink. To add to its robust design and superb programming, Bink can play any video created with different formats. The application can also convert videos of any format supported by popular portable players such as QuickTime and AVI.

RAD Game Tools is a Washington based company that has been developing applications to support both software and hardware components of popular games distributed in the market under their respective manufacturers. The company was established in 1988 and since then it has provided support for thousands of computer games.

There are actually no known threats involving the use of BIK files to launch attacks on computer systems or game consoles. Common issues involving Bink Video are encountered when converting files to another format. File extension MOV files when converted using the Bink Video application may ruin the file or corrupt portions of it making the entry useless.

BIK files can be accessed by several applications designed for game consoles or computers. Among these applications include MediaCell Video Converter, BSPlayer, and the native RAD Video Tools that can be download at RAD Game Tools website. RAD Video Tools can also be used to convert image files into different formats such as File extension GIF to File extension JPEG. Other portable players may also be able to play BIK files with the right codec installed.

How Can I Open BIK File on Windows

How Can I Open BIK File on Mac OS

How Can I Open BIK File on Android

If you downloaded a BIK file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open BIK File on iPhone or iPad

To open BIK File on iOS device follow steps below:

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