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ASC files can have a variety of applications, as follows:

PGP ASCII Armored File

In this particular case, ASC files are used as encryption files for secure communication, by the Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) program. ASC files are in encrypted ASCII format.

These files contain a digitally signed message and can store both plain text and binary information encoded as text. ASC files are susceptible to verification using PGP authentication methods.

Autodesk ASCII Export File

For Autodesk-compatible ASC files, these files act as text files containing the coordinates of various geometric shapes, used and exported by various programs in the Autodesk suite. ASC stores the data in a text format, which makes it more compatible with other programs.

ActionScript Communication File

Files written by ActionScript as Script are saved in ASC format. ActionScript is a programming language used to make controls over Flash-based applications. Scripts made in ActionScript in ASC format, contain executable code through the Flash Media Server software and by this means, control events, actions and loading of Flash applications.

LTspice Circuit Schematic File

The ASC files, for this application, are computer-aided design files created by a Spice III circuit simulation application called LTspice. In this case an ASC file is a circuit diagram containing its design, its symbols and components, and the connection paths. These ASC files are considered auxiliary simulation files.

To open an ASC file, you must be sure what type of file it is and then have one of the following software installed:

Open ASC File on Windows

Open ASC File on Mac OS

Open ASC File on Android

If you downloaded a ASC file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open ASC File on iPhone or iPad

To open ASC File on iOS device follow steps below:

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