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The file extension identified with the number 87 is a type of file that can support various format options, ranging from multi-volume zip files to standard images for medical use.

These formats are described below:

Multi-volume ZIP file

In this section, the 87 file extension is used as a multi-split ZIP file, when the original file to be compressed is very large or the number of files is also very large.

It is convenient to use a multi-volume zip file, such as the 87 file, especially to host it on a website for download purposes.

In other words, the 87 file extension means that it is the 87th part of an ordered set of at least 87 parts.

Since the file is an integral part of a complete set, it should not be opened manually, separately.


In this section, files with extension 87 are a standard image format for mainly medical-dental use.

What is DICOM?

DICOM stands for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine, which defines medical image formats that can be exchanged with the data and quality necessary for clinical use.

DICOM is effectively implemented in almost all radiology, cardiology imaging, and radiation therapy devices, and increasingly in devices in other medical domains such as ophthalmology and dentistry.

Since DICOM is a standard, each manufacturer defines their own requirements based on that standard.

An example of medical imaging equipment that can use the DICOM standard are Tomographs, Magnetic Resonators, Electroencephalographs and equipment from other specific medical areas, such as dentistry.

CREO Elements

The 87 file extension for this software is a design created with the CAD tool for mechanical parts, Creo Elements/Pro, compatible with Microsoft Windows and distributed by PTC.

About CREO

PTC Creo Elements/Pro is 3D solid modeling software that uses mathematical algorithms for use in both CAD, CAM, and CAE technologies.

CREO Elements is part of a suite of 10 collaborative applications in solid modeling, mechanical system modeling, orthoprojection, finite element calculation, parametric modeling for mechanical designers.

It is necessary to point out that CREO is a high-cost tool, however, its price is below its market counterparts such as CATIA.

This software is popular because it uses mathematical analysis and finite element models to create files for computer-aided manufacturing.

Software to open and work with files with extension 87

Due to the variety of formats associated with the 87 extension, it is convenient to know the available file format, then choose one of the following software packages:

Open 87 File on Windows

Open 87 File on Mac OS

Open 87 File on Android

If you downloaded a 87 file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open 87 File on iPhone or iPad

To open 87 File on iOS device follow steps below:

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