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In this digital age, there are a variety of file formats that we encounter on a daily basis. Depending on the nature of the file, we may need to employ different strategies and tools to open and use them. Let us consider 10 common file extensions and explore possible ways to handle them.


Microsoft Word is the primary application used to open DOC and DOCX files, although other word processing software such as Google Docs or OpenOffice can open them as well. DOC is a legacy format, while DOCX is more modern format used by default in recent MS Word versions (from 2007 onwards).


JPG files are a common format for digital images. Applications that can open and edit JPG files include Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and even default image viewers on most operating systems such as the Windows Photo Viewer on Windows, or Preview on macOS. More info can be found on the JPEG Committee website.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is widely used to open PDF files, although other software including web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox can also open this type of file.


MP4 files are digital video files which can be opened on a variety of platforms using software including VLC Player, Windows Media Player, and Quicktime. Information on MP4 file format you can find on MPEG website.


CSV files are a type of plain text file designed to represent tabular data. CSV files can be opened by applications that handle tabular data, most notably Microsoft Excel, as well as Google Sheets and OpenOffice Calc.


TXT files are plain text files and can be opened, edited and created by simple text editing applications, such as Notepad in Windows or TextEdit on Mac. Further information can be found on Wikipedia.


HTML files create elements that are the building blocks of web pages. These can be viewed in any web browser, or edited with a text editor or specialized HTML editing software. Check Mozilla Documentation for more understanding.


XLS and XLSX files are Microsoft Excel files which, similar to the DOC and DOCX files mentioned earlier, can be opened mainly in Microsoft Excel. Google Sheets and OpenOffice Calc can also open these file types. XLS is the older format while XLSX is used in newer MS Excel versions (from 2007 onwards).


JSON files, standing for JavaScript Object Notation, are a way to store information in an organized, easy-to-access manner by giving user readable data. JSON files can be opened and edited by simple text editors. Relevant developer resources can be found at the JSON official site.

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To conclude, understanding file types and the tools necessary to access and edit them is crucial in today's world. Each of the 10 file types mentioned above serves a unique purpose, and it's worthwhile to have a basic understanding of when and how to use each one. Always make sure you have the right software to open and use the files you are dealing with. This equips you with the knowledge and skills to use your digital resources effectively, thus maximizing your productivity in the digital world.

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