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The ZIP-UWUNSAFE format files are nothing more than a file renamed by the mail management system of the University of Washington, and which has renamed said file, indicating that the content is unsafe and should not be opened.

Many of the files attached to e-mail messages pose little risk and thus are delivered without problems. However, certain types of attachments trigger these special processes:

  • Messages with attachments that are determined to contain a virus are discarded without warning.
  • Messages with attachments of certain dangerous file types are rejected, sending a notice to the sender that the message was not accepted.
  • Messages with an attachment with a ZIP file name extension will be delivered, but the attachment will be renamed, unless they contain one of the risk file types mentioned above, in which case they will be rejected.

Malware and virus programmers use ZIP containers to bypass antivirus programs, however, there may also be a risk of losing information with legitimate files, for which, ZIP files are then renamed, and they go into a gray list, until so the security of the file is not verified, unless in its content there are files expressly 'prohibited' by the email server.

How Can I Open ZIP-UWUNSAFE File on Windows

How Can I Open ZIP-UWUNSAFE File on Mac OS

How Can I Open ZIP-UWUNSAFE File on Android

If you downloaded a ZIP-UWUNSAFE file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open ZIP-UWUNSAFE File on iPhone or iPad

To open ZIP-UWUNSAFE File on iOS device follow steps below:

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