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The .XYZ file extension is commonly associated with three-dimensional graphics and chemistry file formats. It can represent two primary file types: the Chemical Model Data file and the Cartesian Coordinates file. These file formats have different uses and require different tools to open and manipulate.

Chemical Model Data XYZ Files

In the field of chemistry, XYZ files are used to store molecule structures. Each line of an XYZ file usually represents a single atom, providing its atomic type and spatial coordinates in three-dimensional space.

To open and use this type of XYZ file, you'll typically need software that can handle molecular data, such as Open Babel or Avogadro. These programs allow you to visualize the molecular structures represented in XYZ files.

Cartesian Coordinates XYZ Files

In computer graphics, XYZ files represent 3D mesh models. They contain a set of vertices and their Cartesian coordinates in 3D space. These files are commonly used in various Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software and 3D modeling applications.

To open and use XYZ files in this format, you might use software such as AutoCAD, Rhinoceros 3D, or Blender. These applications allow you to view and edit the 3D models represented in XYZ files.


XYZ files can often be converted into other file types depending on the specific software being used. For example, Open Babel and Avogadro support converting chemical XYZ files into other molecular data formats, while CAD and 3D modeling software typically allow you to export XYZ files as other 3D file formats, such as STL or OBJ.

XYZ File Important Information

XYZ files serve essential functions in both chemistry and 3D graphics domains. It's crucial to use the correct software to open and manipulate these files, given their specific uses. Understanding the purpose and format of an XYZ file will guide you towards the correct application for opening it, ensuring the file's content is displayed and handled correctly.

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