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A file with the XIB extension and format is defined as a text file, because the information stored within it is saved as plain text, used by Interface Builder.

More about Interface Builder (Apple Xcode)

Interface Builder is a software development application enabled for Apple's macOS operating system.

It is part of the Xcode IDE suite, Apple Developer's suite of developer tools.

Interface Builder allows Cocoa and Carbon developers to create interfaces for applications using a graphical user interface.

These XIB files are also known as development time format files or development time files.

The data that is included in the XIB files is created based on the user interface objects, which implies that the content of these files must be loaded when the execution process begins, in order to offer the information that is necessary .

Characteristics and Properties of an XIB file

Among the properties and characteristics of XIB files, it is found that it offers the ability to perform a tighter integration of data and information within a project of the Xcode integrated development environment, normally with the NIB extension.

So, in case a NIB file is needed instead of an XIB file, Xcode takes care of automatically converting it to the required format.

It should be noted that XIB files are preceded by so-called NIB files or deployment files, a resource that is mostly used for working with Interface Builder User Interface Format files.

Situations occur where it is not possible to open an XIB file and, usually, these errors can be resolved easily by the user himself, so it does not represent a major difficulty.

Previous versions of Interface Builder saved files in a 'deployment format' with a NIB extension.

Interface Builder 3 and later (included with Apple Xcode) can save files in the XIB and NIB formats.

Software to open and work with an XIB file

How Can I Open XIB File on Windows

How Can I Open XIB File on Mac OS

How Can I Open XIB File on Android

If you downloaded a XIB file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open XIB File on iPhone or iPad

To open XIB File on iOS device follow steps below:

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