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A VDM extension file is nothing more than a source code of a program based on the Vienna Development Method, or VDM according to its acronym, which is a set of techniques for modeling computer systems.

What is the Vienna Development Method?

The Vienna Development Method, or VDM is one of the oldest formal methods for developing computer systems.

Created by work done at the IBM Laboratory in Vienna in the 1970s, it has grown to include a group of techniques and tools based on a formal specification language: the VDM Specification Language (VDM-SL).

It also has an extended form, VDM++, which supports object-oriented modeling and concurrent systems.

Support for VDM includes commercial and academic tools for analyzing models, including support for testing and proving model properties and generating program code from validated VDM models.

There is a history of industrial use of VDM and its tools and a growing body of research on the formalism has led to notable contributions to critical systems engineering, compilers, concurrent systems, and in logic for computer science.

That said, the VDM extension file, then, contains code written in VDM-SL, the VDM Specification Language, or VDM++.

Software to work with VDM files

How Can I Open VDM File on Windows

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If you downloaded a VDM file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

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