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VDB extension files are files that can have a variety of formats, depending on your application, some of which are below:


In this glass, the VDB file is a volume database file created by OpenVDB, an open source C++ software library used to create special effects in DreamWorks Animation movies.

Open VDB allows animators a simple way of creating volumetric effects like smoke and other amorphous materials whose mathematical model is complex.

In this sense, the VDB file contains the necessary data to simulate said volumetric effects, be it clouds, uncontained water and smoke, or represent a surface, such as the ocean or lava.

OpenVDB is used in various feature films, short films, and television series.

Some of the titles where the VDB file has been used successfully are:

  • How to Train your Dragon 2
  • The Croods
  • Puss in boots

Symantec Antivirus

The VDB file, in this section, is a virus database file used by Symantec AntiVirus.

Symantec AntiVirus is a product developed by the company Symantec (Now Broadcom) and is one of the most widely used antivirus programs on personal computers.

Although it is available as a stand-alone program, it was also often sold as part of the Norton SystemWorks package.

There is also the Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition, designed specifically for use within companies, it presents several features that are not found in its usual versions.

The VDB file contains updated virus definitions, and is used to distribute virus definitions over the Internet when new viruses are discovered.

XDB format files are associated with VDBs, as they are commonly downloaded by a Symantec AntiVirus server within a company's network and then distributed to client programs as VDB files.

Software for opening and working with a VDB file

How Can I Open VDB File on Windows

How Can I Open VDB File on Mac OS

How Can I Open VDB File on Android

If you downloaded a VDB file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open VDB File on iPhone or iPad

To open VDB File on iOS device follow steps below:

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