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USR files have several different types of uses. Below are some of them:

FileMaker Pro

The USR file, in this case, is a user database file stored in a proprietary format used by FileMaker, used to import data, create custom reports, and share data analysis results.

FileMaker, now Claris, is a business application development platform, and is also used to create, manage, and share databases, related to workflow in digital transformation.

USR databases use a complex file format to store data, scripts, designs and images, therefore it can be said that they are multimodal and multimedia databases.

USR files are sometimes stored as UFSR files on Mac OS X.


In this section, USR files are music files used by SmartMusic.

SmartMusic is a web-based music practice tool that has built-in musical scores and exercises that students can access on their own or through an assignment from their teachers.

In SmartMusic, built-in features help students prepare, and once they start playing, they can get instant feedback.

USR files contain customization of a title as well as custom changes that include altering cutoff times and measurements.

Lowrance GPS Data File

A USR file is a data file used by portable GPS devices, manufactured by Lowrance iFinder, used by fishermen to navigate and save fishing locations for later location.

USR files contain waypoints, routes, tracks, and event marker icons.

To work with USR files you can use one of the following programs:

How Can I Open USR File on Windows

How Can I Open USR File on Mac OS

How Can I Open USR File on Android

If you downloaded a USR file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open USR File on iPhone or iPad

To open USR File on iOS device follow steps below:

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