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UNL files are not as commonly used as other file formats, making them a bit more mysterious to users who come across them. Understanding their possible formats and how to open or use them is important for ensuring compatibility and seamless workflow with the file. In this article, we discuss the various possible formats and ways to open and use files with UNL file extensions.

Universal Navigation Language

The Universal Navigation Language (UNL) is a standardized language developed specifically for GPS devices. UNL files in this format are typically used to store data and maps. When a GPS device receives location data, this information is usually saved in a file with an UNL extension. The data can then be used by GPS navigation software for generating maps and helping users with directions. Garmin is one of the most popular GPS device manufacturers that use UNL files. More information about Garmin and its UNL files can be found at

Unreal Engine HTML Package

Files with UNL extensions can also be part of HTML packages created by the popular game development platform, Unreal Engine. In this case, the UNL file is sourced from content within the HTML package, working together with other files to create a playable game in a web browser. Further information about Unreal Engine and its capabilities can be found at

How to Open UNL Files

Depending on the format of the UNL file, different software is necessary to open and use the files. For UNL files associated with GPS devices, you can use navigation software like Garmin's BaseCamp or MapSource. These tools will allow you to view and interact with the data within the UNL file and also make the necessary modifications to customize your maps.

For UNL files that are part of an HTML package from Unreal Engine, you can use software like Sublime Text or Notepad++ to open and edit the files. These text editors provide users with an efficient way to view and modify UNL files, ensuring smooth integration with the HTML package.

UNL File Important Information

It's important to recognize the format and purpose of the UNL file you're working with, as this will help you choose the correct software to open and use it. Bear in mind that GPS-related UNL files and those from Unreal Engine HTML packages have distinct differences in structure and purpose. For GPS devices, UNL files are primarily used for storing and managing location data, whereas UNL files in an HTML package from Unreal Engine contribute to creating a playable game in a web browser.

With the knowledge gained in this article, you should now be equipped to open and work with UNL files in their various formats. Remember to stay mindful of the different formats and choose the appropriate software to accomplish your desired tasks.

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To open UNL File on iOS device follow steps below:

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