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UFO extension files can take various types of format, some of them below:

Corel/Ulead PhotoImpact

As its acronym indicates, the UFO extension takes here a raster image format created mainly by Ulead PhotoImpact, which is currently known as Corel PhotoImpact, but also recognized by other photo and video editing applications developed by Ulead.

PhotoImpact originally called leadit and developed by Ulead, is a raster and vector graphic editing program HTML tools.

PhotoImpact was acquired by Corel in 2006, and is now called Corel Photoimpact.

The UFO file can include multiple editing layers, similar to a Photoshop PSD document.

UFO files may be opened by Ulead Photo Explorer, but multi-layered images may not appear correctly.

Unified Font Object

In this section, a UFO file is a file saved in the Unified Font Object format, which is where the acronym UFO comes from.

The Unified Font Object (UFO) is an XML-based font file format for digital fonts.

According to its creators, UFO is an open 'obsolescence-proof' format that is designed to be 'application independent', human-readable and editable.

Contains data about a font, including format version, creator, glyph layers, kerning information, images, and metadata.

A UFO file can be created to store a font using Glyphs or RoboFont, which are font editors for macOS.

You can also open and edit UFO files using Glyphs and RoboFont on macOS, or FontForge, which is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

UFO files are actually archives that store numerous files, which contain the source data.

Files that can be found in a UFO file include PLIST, GLIF, FEA, and PNG.

The first version of the UFO format was originally published in 2004, but it's hardly used anymore.

The second version was published in 2009 and is the most widely used.

Software to open and edit a UFO file

How Can I Open UFO File on Windows

How Can I Open UFO File on Mac OS

How Can I Open UFO File on Android

If you downloaded a UFO file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

How to Open UFO File on iPhone or iPad

To open UFO File on iOS device follow steps below:

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