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TEXTCLIPPING format and extension files are a type of text file created in Mac OS X by dragging highlighted text to the desktop.

This TEXTCLIPPING file stores the selected text as well as formatting information, including font styles, tables and bullets, and numbering.

It is a type of XML file that is often used to save text snippets from web pages and other documents.

As you might expect, the text clippings in a TEXTCLIPPING can also be copied to other documents by dragging the files into any text editor or word processor.

In this way, TEXTCLIPPING files can be used as an alternative to the Mac OS X copy and paste operation.

Mac OS X creates TEXTCLIPPING file names using the first few characters of the highlighted text.

It is important to note that TEXTCLIPPING files can be viewed by double-clicking them on Mac OS X.

Once opened, you can manually select, copy and paste the text contained in a TEXTCLIPPING into another document.

Software to open and view a TEXTCLIPPING file

  • MacOS

Open TEXTCLIPPING File on Windows


Open TEXTCLIPPING File on Android

If you downloaded a TEXTCLIPPING file on Android device you can open it by following steps below:

Open TEXTCLIPPING File on iPhone or iPad

To open TEXTCLIPPING File on iOS device follow steps below:

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