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TAR-1 format files refer to a compressed batch file to which a metadata is added to identify the sequence and compression order of the files.

The acronym TAR stands for Tape ARchiver, and is sometimes referred to as TARBALL. A file with the TAR extension is a file in the Unix Consolidated File format.

There are times when the number and size of the files to be archived in TAR is very large and therefore it must be done in batches, that is where the TAR-1 file comes into scene.

On UNIX-based systems special commands are used, from the terminal, to compress and decompress the TAR-1 batch files, however, any compression graphical user interface can do this task.

Because the TAR file format is used to store several files in a single file, it is a very common method for exchanging files over the Internet, also for software downloads, and even for installing some applications from the Internet using Linux terminal.

One particular comment about TAR files, and as a consequence of their derivative TAR-1, is they are often compressed after being created, thus converting them into TGZ files, using the extension TGZ, TAR.GZ, or GZ.

TAR-1 files, being a relatively common file format, can be opened with most popular zip/unzip tools.

7-Zip is one of the best free archive extractors that supports both opening TAR-1 archives and creating TAR archives, but check out this list of free archive extractors for other options.

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